Seminar by A. Marienkov and R. Avidzba in Abkhazia (September 2009)

The first international seminar on Aikido Aikikai, Aikijutsu, Iaido Muso Sinderyu was held in Sukhum, Abkhazia, on September 25-27, 2009. The seminar was organized under support of the St Petersburg Aikido Federation and the Abkhazia Aikido Federation.

Seminar was lead by Andrei Marienkov (4-th Dan Aikido Aikikai, 4-th Dan Aikijutsu, 2-nd Dan Iaido Muso Sinderyu), Assistant to the St Petersburg Aikido Federation President, and Ruslan Avidzba (1-st Dan Aikido Aikikai), Abkhazia Aikido Federation President.

The Abkhazia Aikido Federation was established in 2007. Today it numbers around 60 people. Today opening of new Aikido dojos in various cities of the Republic of Abkhazia is being under way. Activities aimed at holding the Summer Aikido Camp for children and teenagers in Abkhazia are being carried out.

The Abkhazia Aikido Federation Contacts: +995 44 90-7015, E-mail:

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