International Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar in Lvov

International seminar led by Kancho Shioda Yasuhisa, head of the Yoshinkan Aikido school, son of the Yoshinkan Aikido founder, took place on September 18-20, 2009 in Lvov, Ukraine.

Around 200 people from Russia, Ukraine and Poland attended the seminar.

The seminar has been organized by the Aikijutsu Academy in Lvov. Special gratitude shell be expressed to organizers of the seminar, personally to Alexander Koslovsky, Aikijutsu Academy President, and Yury Gladchenko, General Sponsor.

Kancho Shioda specified high technical level of the seminar participants and wished them further success.

The seminar was followed by the Dan grading examination that took place on September 21. Two representatives of St Petersburg have been awarded grades: 6-th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido was awarded to Rashit Gataullin (Vice-President of the All-Styles Aikido Federation of Russia, President of the St Petersburg Yoshinkan Aikido Center), 4-th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido awarded to Alexey Mikhailov (Vice-President of the St Petersburg Yoshinkan Aikido Center). Besides this representatives of various cities of Ukraine and Poland have been awarded the 2-th Dan, 3-rd Dan and 4-th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido.

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Posted by Irina, 24.10.2009 - 18:13:46