“For Connoisseurs”: the results of the contest

From December 19, 2009 to January 24, 2010 in the course of the “Contest for Connoisseurs” 30 questions were asked on aikido history, etiquette and terminology.

We thank the president of St. Petersburg aikido club “Sutemi-dojo” Vasiliy Shadrin who set the questions and provided detailed comments on the participants’ answers. We thank all those who took part in the contest and showed persistence and willingness to get closer to the truth in search of the answers.

The main prize, a ticket to the aikido festival “White Nights – 2010”, goes to the participant Student. According to the conditions of the contest, Student also gets very valuable prizes: aikido books signed by Tamura sensei and Yamada sensei, a ticket to the seminar of Stephan Benedetti in St. Petersburg (January 29-31, 2010) and a bokken.

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Posted by Irina, 25.02.2010 - 09:47:26