Interesting video: Film Island of Hope

We begin to place informative materials into the section "Video – Films". These materials are not directly connected with aikido, but they reflect unconventional ideas and active social position, which are congenial to many aikido practitioners in our opinion. The film "Island of Hope" is the first video of this kind at our site.

The film is about Sergey Alexeevich Alexeev, who was the prototype of the central character of the film "Lads" directed by Dinara Asanova (the role was performed by Valery Priemykhov). Sergey Alekseev was an enthusiast, a leader and a talented teacher. He was the first who started to work with the so called "problem children" in order to reeducate them. The most important achievement among his merits was not even drawing attention of the state to the problem and not gathering unique teaching staff, but devising a system of reeducation of the lads. There were surprising results. Instead of lading hearts with sorrow, dozens of problem children could get better thanks to S.V. Alekseev.

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Posted by Irina, 21.01.2010 - 14:21:35